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In traditional pavilion, I will touch history and history of Aizu

The history of Higashiyama Onsen started with the discovery of a priest and Gyoki of a thousand three hundred years ago.
After that, hot springs springed from the rocks without fail, and in the Edo (time period) period it prospered as a hot spring resort for the Aizu Clan, and it has been developed that it developed as the Okuzashiki of Aizu Wakamatsu.

The present premises in such early rock bath was a hot spring medical treatment field of Aizu Hanko of the past, such as the bath Toshizo Hijikata is acquaintance in Saru-no-yu healed a sword wound at the time of the Boshin War, four types of sources There is a flowing bath.

Also, for dinner, we prepare "Creative Aizu local cuisine meal" that sticks to the seasonal material · Aizu material.
Please enjoy the taste of Aizu as far as I can, with Aizu's local sake, which boasts more than 30 kinds of items at all times.

Please visit Aizu now and history from our hotel.

2023 New rooms open one after another

  • Opening of 5 new guest rooms and renovation of 1 guest room

    In the winter of 2023, guest rooms at Kutsurogijuku Shintaki will be renovated!

    We have opened 5 new guest rooms, including the Western-style room "Wide Twin" where you can relax on a semi-double bed, the "Modern Japanese Twin" with a tatami space in the Western-style room, and the "Semi-Suite" that pursues the form of relaxation in a new hot spring inn. I did.

    Relax and unwind in the guest rooms of the new Kutsurogijuku Shintaki.

    ※The rooms marked as "Open/Renewal" on the linked room page are new rooms.

A special room "Room with a semi-open-air bath" opens along the mountain stream!

  • A special room "Room with a semi-open-air bath" opens along the mountain stream!

    In November 2022, a total of 6 special rooms "with semi-open-air baths" opened at "Kutsurogijuku Shintaki".

    A special room was opened along the mountain stream of "Yugawa River" that flows through Higashiyama Onsen.

    The hot water is free-flowing from the source, and you can have the skin-beautifying hot water of Higashiyama Onsen all to yourself in your room.

    "Special room with semi-open-air bath" has a private lounge for customers only, and "special Creative Aizu local cuisine meal set" is also available for dinner.

    Recommended for those who are looking for a special stay in Aizu or for an anniversary.

Visit to Sister Hall · Chiyotaki

  • You can enjoy a tour of the hot springs at Sister Hall, Chiyotaki.

    Kutsurogijuku operates two inns Chiyotaki and Shintaki, in Higashiyama Onsen Town.
    Because we operate two buildings, you can enjoy the "hot spring tour" of both buildings as a privilege exclusively for staying guests.

    The distance of 2 inns is about 4 minutes on foot.Please enjoy the hot spring.

Accommodation Features·Facility Information

  • Library Lounge

    Aizu related books and photograph collections, travel tips and picture books are prepared, and it is a space that you can enjoy from adults to children.

    You can enjoy coffee and tea by self-service, so it is perfect for taking a break after bathing or taking a walk.
  • Dining Hall

    At the hotel, we will be informed of the dining venue for dinner and breakfast.It is a space that you can fully enjoy "creative Aizu local cuisine" and "Aizu sake" that boast of this facility.

    ※For those wishing to eat in the room there is a room plan.
  • Takehisa Yumeji Gallery

    【Renewal in January 2018】

    We have set up a small exhibition section of Takehisa Yumeji, a lyricist representing the Taisho Roman related to the hotel.
    Anyone can see it.

    Yumeji stayed at the facility for three times in Taisho (time period) 10th and 19th Showa era, and left many works by tilting his passion for drawing women and landscapes in Aizu.

    Of the works left at this facility, several works are exhibited, including beautiful paintings of Yumeji's grief.
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Kutsurogijuku, Shintaki


222 Yumotokawamukai, Higashiyama Town, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture

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    We accept orders for cakes for anniversaries and birthday celebrations.

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    Kutsurogijuku There are two different inn quaint that Chiyotaki and Shintaki in the same Higashiyama Onsen

Measures to prevent new coronavirus infection at this facility

  • Measures to prevent new coronavirus infection at this facility

    Thank you for your continued support of "Kutsurogijuku Shintaki Shintaki".
    Based on the "Basic Policy on Countermeasures against New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases" announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, this facility has taken into consideration the spread of infection and the health and safety of customers.
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