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Accommodation Features·Facility

Accommodation Features·Facility Information

In-house facilities

  • Library Lounge

    Aizu related books and photograph collections, travel tips and picture books are prepared, and it is a space that you can enjoy from adults to children.

    Since coffee, tea, herbal tea etc. can be provided by self service, it is perfect for a break and a walk for walks.

    【Opening Hours】

    15: 00-23: 30, 7: 30 to 11: 00


    1F Lobby back
  • Dining Hall

    At the hotel, we will be informed of the dining venue for dinner and breakfast.It is a space where you can fully enjoy "creative Aizu Local Menu" which is the pride of the hotel and "local sake in Aizu".

    ※For those wishing to eat in the room there is a room plan.


    1F(Main building)

    【Flower Festival】

    2F(Shinkanbu building)
  • Takehisa Yumeji Gallery

    【Renewal in January 2018】

    We set up a small work exhibition section of Takehisa Yumeji, a lyricist painter representing the Taisho Roman related to the hotel.
    Anyone can see it.

    Yumeji stayed at the hotel for three times in Taisho 10th and 5th Showa era, in Meiji 44, and left a lot of work by tilting his passion for drawing women and landscapes in Aizu.

    Of the works left at the hotel, a few works are exhibited, such as Yumeji 's grieving beautiful paintings.


    1F, Lobby attached
  • Table tennis

    It is a free lending every 30 minutes.
    There are racket balls available.

    We are preparing a white board on the wall beside the entrance, so we ask you to make a reservation by yourself.

    【Opening Hours】

    From 15:00 to 11:00 the next day(※ night pause)


    1F lobby back
  • Shop "Yes to you"

    For souvenir shops in the city who can not afford by time etc, or for those who wish to purchase memorable souvenirs at the hotel, we keep only souvenirs carefully selected.

    【Opening Hours】

    7: 00-21: 30


    1F Lobby Front desk sideways
  • Convention Hall

    Please use it according to various gathering styles such as conference, lecture and seminar.

    ·Accommodates up to 100 people
    ·2 hours -

    ※Reservation required


    It depends on the number of people and hours of use.Please contact us.


    Wireless microphone free
    White board 2 hours / 1,000 yen
    Projector 2 hours / 5,000 yen
    Screen 2 hours / 2,000 yen
    DVD player,  2 hours / 2,000 yen to
    Drinks such as coffee, One person 500 yen
  • club, "black cat"

    It is recommended for group second party use.

    ◆Second party all-you-can-drink plan◆

    ·A course(90 minutes), 3,240 yen(tax included)
     【Refined sake·beer·Shochu·whisky·Soft drink】

    ·Course B(90 minutes), 2,160 yen(tax included)
     【Shochu·Or whiskey】

    ※Reservation system※

    Please make reservation at least 3 days in advance.