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One-day hot springs

Information on a day-trip hot spring

  • ※Day-trip hot springs are available only on weekdays, excluding holidays, days before holidays, and specific days.
    ※Chiyotaki day trip hot spring can not be used at Chiyotaki.
    ※The bath that can be used at the day-trip hot spring will be "Watari-yu" only.
     "Sennen-no-yu open-air bath / rock bath" and "Saru-no-yu" are exclusively for guests.
     Please understand that it cannot be used.
    ※Please refrain from visiting by car.We are accepting visitors only on foot.


Target dateWeekdays only, excluding holidays, days before holidays, and special days
Day trip hot spring timeFrom 14:00 to 20:30(Last reception 20:00)
Adult(s)(Middle school student)¥ 1,000
Elementary school-aged children500 yen
Infants300 yen
Below 3 years(Under 2 years old)Free
  • ※Towels and bath towels will be charged separately.
    ·Face towel(200 yen)
    ·Bath towel lending(300 yen)

Cautions, ※Please be sure to read it.

  • ※There is no parking lot on the day-trip hot spring.We are accepting visitors only on foot.
     Please park on a joint parking lot in front of Higashiyama Onsen Town entrance, please use.
    ※Food and drinks are strictly prohibited to bring in.
    ※Admission to those who are tattooed or similar tattooed seals, those involved in gangsters, those who are drunk are strictly prohibited.
    ※Baths that can be used in day-trip hot springs will be "Watari-yu" and "Saru-no-yu" only.
    ※There is no day-trip hot spring at Sister Hall · Chiyotaki.

    <Private baths are for guests only>