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Library Lounge

After a meal, please spend a relaxing time after the bath has risen.

  • The hotel has a Library Lounge where you can have a relaxing time.
    Library Lounge is a lounge space with books as its name suggests.Aizu a book about Aizu and a book that becomes a hint of traveling.Try sightseeing plan next day, try to find out more about the place you have been sightseeing ....I would be pleased if you could use the lounge like that.

    In addition, books have been selected to enjoy from adults to children such as photograph collections, picture books, specialized books.

    You can use coffee, tea, herbal tea etc. for self drinking with self service.Please drop in even if you use only drinks.

    Please spend your time in the Library Lounge until check-out, as well as after eating and after taking a bath.
Opening Hour7: 30-23: 30
floor1F, Inside the lobby