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  2. Why Aizu Sake is delicious

Why Aizu Sake is delicious

  • Aizu is no longer a Japanese Sake scene and produces a lot of good quality liquor that can not be ignored.
    In the first place, why is local sake in Aizu delicious?

Why delicious Aizu sake

  • Important things in sake making.
    It is "good rice", "good water", "good climate".

    Aizu Basin is surrounded by mountains on all sides, a fertile land with fan-shaped areas spread.
    Large and small streams of rivers flowing through this area where we have stored abundant groundwater,
    We produce good quality rice and good quality water springs up.

    In addition, the inland climate peculiar to the basin invites a seasonal change in Aizu and severe winter with many snow.

    The climate and environment of Aizu, which provides the most privileged conditions for sake brewing,
    And over the years, it was brewed with the technology of sake brewing cultivated and the stubborn temperament of Aizu people blended

    That is today Aizu sake.

    ~Aizu Wakamatsu Brewery Cooperative HP~
  • Aizuwakamatsu City is a famous liquor with 15 brewers in the city.
    There are about 40 brewers including Aizu Region, but the number is about half of the breweries in In Fukushima Prefecture.

    In the dining, you can enjoy "delicious sake" which is the charm of Aizu.
    We are waiting for more than 30 types of local sake in the Aizu Region at all times.

Fun to choose alcohol, pleasure to taste, pleasure to talk.Please try it.

Heisei 30 brewing year edition national new liquor ad hockey meeting, gold award winning liquor sales started

  • The 30th sake brewing year edition national new liquor certificate contest, sale of gold award winning liquor started.
    Fukushima Prefecture has achieved the gold award winning number of liquor "7 consecutive years in Japan" in the annual national new sake kan review.

    Kutsurogijuku, we handle the gold award winning liquor from Aizu Sakekura.
    This year's award-winning liquor, please enjoy eating.
    (The number is limited. Please understand when sold out. )