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About accommodation

Q, What is the difference between Chiyotaki and Shintaki, the two houses?Chiyotaki is a ryokan situated on the hill of Higashiyama Onsen Town The top floor view From the open-air bath you can see the Aizu Basin.
Shintaki is located in the center of Higashiyama Onsen Town, and it is an inn of a long and thin building along the river.
※Chiyotaki and Shintaki Chiyotaki are located in the same Higashiyama Onsen at a distance of about 4 minutes on foot.
Q, It seems that check-in will be delayed.In the case of application with half board, if you arrive by 18:00 you can guide you for dinner at ease.After that, if you can come to the dinner venue by 20:00, you will be served.Please note that it will be impossible to provide the service after that.
If you are booking without meals or with breakfast, please check in by 24:00.
Please inform us of your arrival time in advance if you arrive after 18:00.TEL: 0242-26-0001
Even if it is past 18:00, when there is neither advance notice nor advance deposit, please be aware that it may be necessary to cancel treatment, so please be careful.
Q, Can I use a credit card for payment?You can use Visa, Mastercard, JCB, DC, UFJ, NICOS, American NICOS.
Other cards can not be used.
Q, Can I bring in foods and drinks?We have refrained from you.Please note.
Q, What is the cancellation fee?Cancellation charges will vary depending on the number of people booked and the number of days until reservation.
Details are listed in Appendix 2 of the accommodation agreement.Sorry to trouble you, but please check it.

About meals

Q, Can room meals be available?It is possible depending on the reservation plan · room / number of people.
Dinner room We have a great plan with room meal service.
In the other plan as well, Chiyotaki"If you want a hot springs villa, a spacious and carefully designed room", Shintaki"River along the river, Annex, Makiya style Japanese style room", it is possible to correspond with the room of dinner at extra charges .
If you wish, please contact us separately.
Q, Is it possible to handle allergies?We will deal with allergies.If you inform us in advance and tell the specific ingredients, we will prepare alternate items as much as possible.
We do not guarantee complete removal of allergen, so be sure to check the final confirmation before meals by yourself.
Q Can I order additional food?You can receive the following additional cuisine, please contact us by noon the day before.(Note: Some, even on that day)

●Horse sashimi (with mustard and miso) Starting from 1,200 yen for one person,
●Sashimi (sashimi) from 1,500 yen for one person (available from 2 people),
●Seasonal tempura 1,000 yen
●From sashimi Saka 10,000 yen
●Sashimi Akihiro(10 people)From 20,000 yen,
●Grilled fish with salt, 1,000 yen for one person,
●From 1,000 yen per person, Other fish dishes
●Assorted fruit platter from 3,000 yen,
●You can receive etc from 3,000 yen · 5000 yen hors d 'oeuvre set 1 dish.
Q, What is your child's dish?Children above elementary school age will prepare kids meal and pottery grill.
(Family plan, in the case of a specific plan, such as family travel support plan, there is a case of a different menu.)
Children below the kindergarten have children 's meal style dinner.
In the case of children of the lower grades of elementary school, some guests wish that dinner like kids meal style is better. Except for special plan, you can choose, please tell us your request.

About bath

Q, Is there a private bath?yes, I have.
Please see the bath page for details.
Q, Can I take a bath for 24 hours?Late night time is not available for cleaning and maintenance.
Also, the time you can take a bath is different depending on the bath.

·Bath time: 5: 15 to 24: 15
·Bath time: 5: 30-24: 30
【Sennen-no-yu rock bath】
·Men bathing time:15:00 to 18:50
·Hours of use:19:00 to 23:50
·Female bathing time: 5: 30 to 11: 00
【Sennen-no-yu outdoor bath·Marble bath】
·Female bathing time:15:00 to 18:50
·Hours of use:19:00 to 23:50
·Men bathing time:5:30 to 11:00
Q, Can I use hot springs at any time?Because the feet are dark at night, it is dangerous, so I will assume that the time for hot watering will be until 22 o'clock.
Sister Hall to the Sister Hall is a free service.
We are distributing hot spring MAP at the front desk, so please ask the front desk counter when using.
Please understand beforehand that we may not be able to guide you around the hot springs due to inspection, repair or group rental.Regarding the availability of the hot spring of the staying day, please contact us separately.

About Facilities in Facilities

Q, Do you have loans of play items?At this facility, we rent Go, Shogi, playing cards, Othello, etc. free of charge.
Please contact the front desk when using.
Also, there is a table tennis space next to the lobby at Shintaki, so please use it after filling in the room number on the reservation table next to the table tennis court by the customer himself.
Use of table tennis will be on the 30-minute scale.
Q Are there non-smoking rooms?In response to a request for prevention of secondhand smoke at the Kutsurogijuku, all rooms have been made non-smoking since April 1, 2017.
A smoking area has been set up in this facility so that both smokers and non-smokers can enjoy a comfortable stay, so guests of smokers should use it.

※If you are smoking cigarettes in the guest room, please pay attention to cleaning and operating loss charges due to special cleaning.
Q, Can I bring my pet?We are not accepting it now.
Previously it was accepted at Shintaki (former Fudo Waterfall), so it may be displayed that pet acceptability is indicated in a guidebook of a few years ago and a link collection on the Internet.
Regarding the net, we have issued a correction request from time to time, but it is a situation where we can not grasp the whole thing.
I am sorry for those who viewed it, please understand.
Q Do you have loans for wheelchairs? Available. Since there are limitations on the number of units, please contact us in advance if necessary.

About transport access

Q, Can you pick me up?Our hotel, Shintaki is a 3-minute walk from "Higashiyama Onsen Station" bus stop, so in principle, we do not transfer.
However, we will respond flexibly when the weather is broken or when your feet are bad with snow etc.

※We do not transfer to Aizu-Wakamatsu Station.
※In the case of taxis available, it will arrive in about 15 minutes from the front Aizu-Wakamatsu Station
Q, Is there a parking lot?yes, I have.
For safety reasons, this facility basically requires you to park your own car. The staff at this facility will inform you of the parking location.
Please ask if you want parking by a valet.

In addition, due to space reasons, a valet may store, move and park your car. In that case, please manage valuables.


Q. Can you prepare cakes and bouquets on anniversary?We will do our best to meet your needs.

Please understand that this facility cannot serve cakes as a "surprise".

Cakes and bouquets will be provided for a fee.
■Cake (No. 4) from 3,500 yen
■Bouquet from 5,000 yen

*Application deadline:Up to 2 days before your stay*

In addition, if you bring your own cake, you may be charged a "carry-on fee", so please make a reservation at this facility.
【Fresh cream decoration】
No. 4 12cm 3,500 yen(About 3 people)
No. 5 15cm 4,500 yen(About 3 to 4 people)
No. 6 18cm 5,500 yen(About 4 to 5 people)
No. 7 21cm 7,000 yen(About 6 to 8 people)
【Raw chocolate cream decoration】
No. 4 12cm 3,700 yen(About 3 people)
No. 5 15cm 4,800 yen(About 3 to 4 people)
No. 6 18cm 5,900 yen(About 4 to 5 people)
Candles (up to 6) and a message plate can be attached to the cake, so please ask if you wish.

↓ Click here to make a cake reservation
Q, Is there a yukata for children?We prepare three sizes of large (120 cm), medium (110 cm) and small (100 cm).
Q, Can I have your medicine?You can lend a water pillow, a cooling gel sheet, a thermometer, etc., but you can not dispose your medicine from the hotel according to Article 24 of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.
Please make sure to prepare in case of departure.
Q, Is it possible to make a day-trip hot spring?You can use.
For more information please visit the day-trip hot spring page.