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Terms and Conditions for Overnight Stay

  • Article 1(Scope of application)
    The accommodation agreement that the hotel signs with guests and the contracts related thereto shall be in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and matters not stipulated in this contract shall be in accordance with laws or customs established in general I will.
    2 In the event that the hotel complies with the special agreement to the extent not contrary to laws and ordinances, regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the special contract shall prevail.
  • Article 2(Application for accommodation contract)
    A person who intends to apply for a hotel accommodation contract to the hotel, please offer the following to the hotel.
    (1)Guest name, Address, Telephone number
    (2)Accommodation date and arrival time
    (3) Accommodation Charges (As a general rule by the basic accommodation fee of Appended Table 1)
    (4) Other matters deemed necessary by the hotel
    2 When guests have requested to continue staying beyond the accommodation date of item 2 of the preceding paragraph during the stay, the hotel will treat that a new accommodation contract application was made at the time of the offer.
    3 The hotel may call the guest's contact address to confirm the reservation on any day prior to the scheduled accommodation date.
  • Article 3(Establishment of accommodation contract etc)
    Accommodation contract shall be concluded when the hotel accepts the application under the preceding article.Provided, however, that this shall not apply to cases where we have proved that the hotel did not accept.
    (2) When the Accommodation Contract is established pursuant to the provision of the preceding paragraph, pay the deposit specified by the hotel up to the basic accommodation fee of the staying period (three days when it exceeds 3 days) by the date designated by the hotel I will.
    3 The application fee is first applied to the accommodation fee to be finally paid by the guest, and in the event that a situation arises in which the provisions of Article 5 and Article 17 apply, then in accordance with the cancellation fee, If there is a remaining amount, it will be refunded upon payment of the fee pursuant to Article 11.
    4 In the event that the application fee set forth in paragraph 2 can not be paid by the date specified by the hotel pursuant to the provision of the said paragraph, the accommodation contract shall lose its effect.
    5 When the hotel presents (guides) erroneous accommodation fee that is remarkably inexpensive compared to the accommodation fee before and after the date on the Internet site (or telephone) and applied for accommodation contract at the accommodation fee, As long as there is no indication (guidance) of the reason for being inexpensive, such as "limited", "special", "campaign" etc. for that fee, the accommodation contract is invalid as it is guidance and consent by civil law mistake I will give you a notice promptly as soon as possible.
  • Article 4(Rejection of conclusion of accommodation contract)
    The hotel may not respond to the conclusion of accommodation contract in the following cases.
    (1) When the application for lodging does not comply with this agreement.
    (2) When there is not room in the room due to full (member).
    (3) When a person who intends to stay finds that there is a possibility of acts contrary to laws and ordinances, public order and morals.
    (4) When a person who intends to stay is recognized as falling under ① to ③ below.
    ① A gangster (hereinafter referred to as "gangsters") prescribed in Article 2, item 2 of the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Boryokudan (Law No. 7 7 1991)), A gang member stipulated in Article 2, item 6 of the same law (hereinafter referred to as "gang member"), Association members of gangsters or offenders of gangsters and other antisocial forces.
    ② When a gangster or a gang member is a juridical person or other organization that controls business activities
    ③ A corporation that has officials who fall under the name of a gang member
    (5) When it is clearly expected that inconveniences to other customers actually occur or will occur.
    (6) When a person who intends to stay is clearly recognized as an infectious disease.
    (7) When a burden beyond a reasonable range is requested for accommodation, food service, etc. services incidental thereto.
    (8) When it is impossible to accommodate due to natural disasters, breakdown of facilities, or other unavoidable reasons.
    (9) When the person who applied for accommodation does not immediately submit the name, address, etc. requested by the facility as stipulated in Article 2.
    (10) When the staff of the hotel admits that a person who intends to stay may possibly disrupt the peaceful order of the hotel, such as complaints and requests for reasonable reason within the facility.
    (11) When falls under the case prescribed in Article 10 of the Fukushima Prefecture Ryokan Industry enforcement Regulations.
  • Article 5(Guest resale right to cancel)
    Guests can cancel all or part of their accommodation contracts on the condition that they offer to the hotel for their own convenience and pay the cancellation fee (cancellation fee) listed in Appended Table 2.
    2 If the guest does not contact guests and does not arrive at 6 pm on the day of the accommodation day (in the case where the expected arrival time is clearly stated, even if it is more than 2 hours from that time), the hotel's accommodation contract We deem it to be canceled by the guest and we will dispose of it.
    3 Guests must pay a cancellation fee (cancellation fee) by the method specified by the hotel within 20 days from the date of offering the hotel to cancel the accommodation contract.
  • Article 6(The right to cancel the contract of the hotel)
    In the following cases, the hotel may cancel the accommodation contract.
    (1) When the guest is deemed to be contrary to laws and ordinances, public order or good manners and customs concerning accommodation, or when it is recognized that the act was done.
    (2) When guests are found to fall under ① to ③ below.
    ① Organized crime group, Boryokudan, Boryokudan semi-members or officials of organized crime groups Other antisocial forces
    ② When a gangster or a gang member is a juridical person or other organization that controls business activities
    ③ A corporation that has officials who fall under the name of a gang member
    (3) When guests are clearly recognized as being infectious.
    (4) When the guests made an act to cause other troublesome inconveniences to other guests.And when it is clearly anticipated that significant annoyance will occur.
    (5) If guests are disturbing the peaceful order of the hotel or requesting a burden beyond a reasonable range, such as complaints or requests for reasonable reasons within the facility, the staff of the hotel When it admits.
    (6) When a person who applied for accommodation applied for a commercial purpose to pursue his / her own interests in the room he / she reserved for secretly.
    (7) When it can not be accommodated due to reasons attributable to force majeure such as natural disasters.
    (8) When falls under the case prescribed in Article 10 of the Fukushima Prefecture Ryokan Industry enforcement Regulations.
    (9) Mischief for sleeping cigarettes, firefighting facilities etc in the bedroom, other cases when not following the prohibition items (required for fire prevention) of the use rules prescribed by the hotel.
    (10) When the staff of the museum recognizes that the "request to the customer" posted on the website of the facility as a preventive measure against new coronavirus infection may be dangerous to other customers and staff of the museum without a justifiable reason. ..
    (11) When the person who applied for accommodation did not immediately respond to the request of this facility based on Article 3, Paragraph 2.
    When the hotel cancels the accommodation contract based on the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if the reason for the cancellation is according to the preceding paragraphs (7) and (8), only the accommodation service received by the guest will be paid.In the case of the remaining cancellation reasons, we will pay the full amount as a penalty fee after using the room, even for the accommodation services etc. which have not been provided yet.
  • Article 7(Accommodation registration)
    Guests are required to register the following items at the front desk of the hotel on the day of the staying day.
    (1)Name of guest, age, sex, Address and occupation
    (2) For foreigners who do not have an address in Japan, nationality, passport number, place of entry and date of entry
    (3)Departure date and scheduled departure time
    (4) Other matters deemed necessary by the hotel
    2 When guests intend to do payment of the fee of Article 11 by a method that can substitute for the accommodation ticket currency, they shall be presented beforehand at the time of registration in the preceding paragraph.
  • Article 8(Room usage time)
    Guests can use the rooms at the hotel from 3 pm to 10 am the next morning.However, in case of staying continuously, you can use it all day except arrival date and departure date.
    2. Notwithstanding the provision of the preceding paragraph, the use hours of the room specified for each accommodation plan to which the application was made take precedence.
    3. Notwithstanding the provision of the preceding paragraph, the Hotel may respond to the use of rooms outside of the time specified in the same paragraph.In this case, the following additional fee will be charged.However, the equivalent amount for the room is 70% of the basic accommodation fee.
    (1) Up to 3 hours, 30% of the equivalent amount of room charge
    (2) Up to 6 hours, 60% of equivalent amount of room charge
    (3) Over 6 hours is 100% of the room equivalent amount
  • Article 9(Compliance with usage rules)
    Guests are required to comply with the usage rules posted on the premises determined by the hotel within this facility.
  • Article 10(Opening Hours)
    The opening hours of the main facilities of the hotel are as follows and detailed business hours of other facilities etc. will be announced in the attached pamphlet, bulletin of each place, service directory in the room etc.
    (1)Front desk / cashier, 7: 30 am to 11: 00 am, 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM(15:00 to 22:00)
    (2)curfew, 12:00 PM(24:00)
    (3)Food and drink etc.(Facility)Services
    ① Breakfast, 7: 00 am to 9: 00 am
    ② Lunch, 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
    ③ Dinner, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM(18:00 to 21:00)
    (4) Other supplementary service facilities and shops will be changed from time to time. Please check with the front desk at the day.
  • Article 11(Payment of fee)
    Breakdown of accommodation fee etc. to be paid by guests depends on the points listed in Appended Table 1.
    2 Even if guests do not stay arbitrarily after offering guests to guests and become usable, the basic accommodation fee, additional fee and taxes related to them will be paid in full .
  • Article 12(Responsibility of the hotel)
    The hotel will compensate the actual cost of the damage if it caused damage to the guests at the performance of the accommodation contract and related contracts or by their default.However, this is not the case unless this is due to reasons attributable to the hotel.
    2 The hotel is enrolled in fire insurance and innburs of liability insurance in order to cope with troubles such as a fire.
  • Article 13 (Handling when a contracted room can not be provided)
    When the hotel can not provide guest rooms contracted to the guests, we will arrange other accommodation facilities under the same conditions as possible with the consent of the guests as much as possible.
    2. When the other accommodation facilities can not be relaxed regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the hotel pays compensation fee equivalent to the cancellation fee to the guests, and the compensation fee is used for compensation for damages.However, we will not pay compensation fee if there is no grounds for our hotel to blame about room that we can not offer.
  • Article 14(Treatment of deposited materials)
    In the event of loss, damage, or other damage to the goods, guests, cash or valuables you deposit to the front desk, the hotel will indemnify the damage unless it is force majeure.However, with respect to cash and valuables, when the guest makes a declaration of the type and value of the cash and valuables, if the hotel confirms it and does not leave it in the record, after the damage occurred, Even if you prove it, the hotel will compensate the damage for up to 100,000 yen.
    2 If you wish to exceed 100,000 yen for goods capped at the front desk, cash or valuables, please be sure to inform us that the deposit amount will exceed 100,000 yen.Depending on the content, we may not be accepting deposits at the hotel.
    3 When the loss, damage or other damage arises due to the intention or negligence of the hotel concerning goods, cash or valuable items brought into the facility by the guests and those not valued at the front desk The hotel will indemnify the damage.However, if no advance notice of type and value has been notified from the guest in advance, if the amount of damage can be proved after the occurrence of damages, the hotel will compensate the damage for up to 100,000 yen.
    4 Even when we are liable for damages under paragraphs 1 and 2, 3, we are not responsible for the following items.
    Manuscripts, design documents, designs, books and other similar items.Those recorded on a computer recording medium.
  • Article 15(Storage of guest's baggage or portable items)
    When guest's baggage arrives at the hotel prior to arrival, we will take responsibility only when the hotel consents before arrival and will hand it over to the guest at check-in at the front desk.
    2 When guests checked out and baggage or carrying items of guests were left behind in the hotel, we wait for the owner to contact us.I will ask for instructions such as how to receive my belongings etc on the communication.However, when there is no instruction by the owner or when the owner is not known, it is kept for nine days including the discovery date and then delivered to the nearest police station.
    3 The responsibility of the hotel concerning the storage of baggage or carrying items by guests in the case of the preceding two paragraphs shall be limited to the provisions of paragraph 1 of the preceding paragraph in the case of paragraph 1, It shall comply with the provisions of paragraph 2.
  • Article 16(Responsibility for Parking)
    Whether guests use the parking lot of the hotel, regardless of whether the key of the vehicle is kept or not, the hotel lends a place and does not owe the responsibility of the management of the vehicle.However, in case of damages caused by intention or negligence of the hotel in management of the parking lot, we will charge it for the compensation.
  • Article 17(Guest's responsibility)
    When the hotel suffers damage by willful or negligence of the guest, the guest shall compensate the damage.
    2 In order to smoothly receive accommodation services based on accommodation contracts, guests must promptly inform the hotel when they recognize that a service different from the contents of the accommodation contract has been provided .Even if it is not recognized, as a result, it treats it as abandoned by guests and we will dispose of it.
  • Article 18 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction Court)
    The dispute concerning the accommodation contract between the hotel and guests shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court with a local court or a summary court that has jurisdiction over the location of the hotel, subject to the law of Japan.

Attachment 1

  • Calculation method of accommodation fee(Article 2 Paragraph 1 and Article 11 Paragraph 1 Relationship)

    Total amount to be paid by guests

    *The basic room rate is based on the rate presented to the guest by the hotel.
    *The child fee applies to elementary school students and younger, 70% of the adult fee when providing meals and bedding equivalent to adults, 50% when providing children's meals and bedding, and 3,000 yen when providing only bedding. + Consumption tax will be charged.Infants under 3 years old (2 years old or younger) who do not provide bedding and meals will be charged 1,000 yen + consumption tax as a facility usage fee.
Basic accommodation feeRoom charge+Morning·Dinner fee
additional feeAdditional food and drink(Morning·Food and beverage other than dinner)And other usage charges
Other taxesConsumption tax, hot spring tax related to basic accommodation fee and additional charge

Appended Table 2

  • Cancellation fee(cancellation charge)(Article 5 Paragraph 1 Relationship)
  • ※ Even if it is past 18:00 on the day of accommodation, if you do not see it without any contact in advance, you will consider it as cancellation of cancellation (cancellation) and will pay 100% cancellation fee (cancellation fee) same as no-show .
    ※ Cancellation (cancellation) contact after 22:00 will be treated as cancellation of the next day.
    Note 1,% is the ratio of cancellation fee (cancellation fee) to basic accommodation fee (room charge + morning / evening meal charge).
    Note 2. If the contract days are shortened, you will be charged a cancellation fee (cancellation fee) for 1 day (first day) irrespective of the shortened days.
    3. If there is a cancellation of the contract for part of over 20 people, 10% of the number of people staying over 8 days before the accommodation (the day on which the application was taken after the day) If it comes out, it will round up) We do not get a cancellation fee (cancellation fee) for the number of people who correspond.
  • Supplementary provision
    November 1, 2005, Promulgation
    30th May 2015, Revision
    June 4, 2016, Revision
    Revised August 15, 2021