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Important notice

Measures to prevent new coronavirus infection at this facility

  • We use the Kutsurogijyuku Chiyotaki and Shintaki Kutsurogijyuku Chiyotaki than continued patronage, Thank you very much.
    Based on the "Basic Policy on Countermeasures against New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases" announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, this facility has taken into consideration the spread of infection and the health and safety of customers.
    We kindly ask for the understanding and cooperation of our customers.

    Please cooperate with wearing a mask when using the museum.
    Alcohol spray is installed in this facility.Please disinfect your fingers frequently.
    This service cannot be used by customers who are not in good physical condition, who have symptoms such as fever, strong drowsiness (fatigue), or difficulty breathing (dyspnea).

Changes to normal services due to the spread of new coronavirus infection

【Check In/Simplified checkout】

  • To ensure the safety of our customers and staff, please note that the information will be simplified as much as possible on the day.
    For customers with meals, please select from the meal times stated on the information paper and contact us by extension telephone.

【Japanese futon bedding】

  • If you are using a Japanese-style room, the staff usually visits your room to prepare a futon at dinner, but in order to avoid visiting the room, we will lay out the futon before check-in.
    If you would like a futon bedding during meals, please contact us by 20:00 the day before.

Measures to prevent new coronavirus infection at this facility

【Public space】

  • 1. Alcohol disinfectant sprays are installed at various locations within the facility
    Please use when entering the facility or going to a meal.

    2. Regular alcohol disinfection in the lobby and public spaces
    We disinfect handrails, door knobs, front counters, and other areas that are frequently touched by customers.

    3. Thinning basket in the dressing room
    We have thinned out the baskets in the dressing room to reduce the number and set them apart.


  • 1. Alcohol disinfection of door knobs and lattices
    Alcohol disinfection is performed on parts such as door knobs and window lattices that customers touch.

    2. Alcohol disinfection of slippers in this facility
    We use alcohol disinfection for slippers in the guest room.

【Meals in Dining Hall】

  • 1. Installation of alcohol spray
    Alcohol sprays are installed at multiple locations within the venue.
    We ask all customers at the dining venue to use alcohol spray disinfection.

    2. Seating at a distance between customers within the venue
    Dinner and breakfast We will try to arrange seats at a distance between our customers in the dining venue.

    3. Food temperature,Thorough management of deadlines
    Food is provided in the proper amount to avoid long exposure.

    Four. Frequent replacement of cooking utensils such as tongs
    The tongs and cooking utensils used by customers are frequently replaced with clean ones.

    Five. Buffet guard installation
    To prevent splash infection, we guard the dishes with acrylic plates.


  • 1. Regular hand washing of employees and thorough gargling
    All staff are instructed to thoroughly disinfect alcohol when they arrive at the office or before entering the dining venue.

    2. Wearing masks at staff dining venues and kitchens
    The staff in charge of cooking at the meal venue wears a mask thoroughly.

    We place the highest importance on our customers' safety and security, and we look forward to your visit within the reasonable range.