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More to Aizu

Kutsurogijuku, Chiyotaki·Shintaki

  • What is a Kutsurogijuku?

    Kutsurogijuku, operates two of the inn different two quaint that Chiyotaki and a Shintaki in Higashiyama Onsen Town

    "Chiyotaki" located on the hill where you can see the hot springs village
    "Shintaki" located along the river in the center of the hot spring town

    Approximately 4 minutes on foot from the distance between the two ryokan, you can enjoy the hot spring of both houses.
  • Sister Building, Chiyotaki

    Chiyotaki is located on a hill where you can see Higashiyama Onsen Town.

    Inside the facility there are also Japanese Sake bars "Local Sake Wing" which has more than 30 kinds of local sake at Aizu at all times, so you can enjoy local sake until late.

    There are two baths on the 10th floor and the 2nd floor.

    From the "Yuzuki-no-yu" on the 10th floor, you can see hot springs towns and hot springs towns, including the night view of Aizu castle town.The beautiful starry sky spreads out on sunny days.

Hospitality of Kutsurogijuku

  • Guide of recommendation plan

    We have various plan according to customers' use.
    Want to eat Aizu's local cuisine, enjoy Aizu's local sake, want to spend time with family and precious people ... Please make a reservation from the plan according to customer's request.

    The hotel also has plan for business.
  • Information on hot springs

    Kutsurogijuku operates two Kutsurogijuku in the Higashiyama Onsen Town"Shintaki" and "Chiyotaki".
    As a service that can only be managed by two museums, you can enjoy the "hot springs" at both theaters.

    When you stay at this facility, you can also use the Sister Hall / Chiyotaki bath.
    The distance of 2 inns is about 4 minutes on foot.Please enjoy the hot spring.
  • Welcome drink

    Guests can enjoy Aizu's sake as a welcome drink during the wait time until check-in.

    Thinking of Aizu's hospitality to our guests, we are greeted with sake at sake drinking at Aizu.

    I would be pleased if you could spare your time to relax at your arrival time.
  • Colorful Yukata Rental

    We are also renting colorful Yukata in order to make your stay more enjoyable.

    You can choose your favorite one.Please ask the front desk on the day

    Limited to Ladies, 500 yen